Summer is bandannas season!

Summer is finally here! The season for long sunset walks, sunny beach days, fun and vacation!

In this first summer blog post, I would like to tell you a few reasons, why bandanna is a perfect accessory for your dog during summer:

  • To start with… Bandannas doesn’t make your dog feel hot, because they are small and cover only a little part of a dog’s neck. Bandannas are usually made out of light fabrics, which is  another reason why your pet won’t feel hot while wearing them. Heat is a huge issue for dogs during summer and only few dog breeds can wear very light and breathable clothing, but bandannas are definitely for everyone!
  • Bandannas can be very fashionable! There is a huge variety of bandannas, you can choose your favorite color or search for colors that are trendy this spring/summer season, such as mint or lilac. Your dog can look like a real fashionista with this minimalistic but tastefully chosen accessory.
  • It is very easy to match your dog’s bandanna with your own accessories or an outfit detail. Actually, soon I will upload few photographs to show you how easily you can match your accessories (outfits) with your dog’s bandanna and how lovely that looks! To see the photographs follow us on Instagram: alicepetboutique. 
  • Bandannas doesn’t irritate dogs, that’s why it is very easy for a dog to get used to wearing it. The true fact is that not all dogs like to wear clothes, but I think all dogs like bandannas! They don’t restrict any movement, doesn’t irritate the dog or make him feel hot, actually bandanna is quite comfortable for a dog and it feels similar like a collar.
  • Bandanna is a great accessory for every holiday (not only in the summer time), for example: Halloween, Christmas, Easter and many others. Celebrations goes in this list as well, for example birthdays or summer parties are perfect occasions to decorate your beloved dog with a bandanna. You can easily find bandannas for your dog that will be suitable for each of these occasions. 
  • And last but definitely not least: bandannas are not expensive, so you can have as many as you’d like and decorate your dog differently almost every day! How great is that? 

These are the reasons why bandanna is a perfect summer accessory! I wish you to have an amazing summer and to look stylish together with your dog every day of it!

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