About us

„Alice’s Boutique” was inspired by my dog Alice, who truly changed me and helped me to understand who I want to be and what I want to learn. Me and Alice, we are inseparable, we do everything together, starting from going to the kitchen every morning to make coffee and ending with trips all around the world, we are always together. Alice is the one who inspired me to study about dogs because she was just so unique and I wanted to understand why she behaves the way she does and why she reacts to the world the way she does, how much her behavior depends on me and how strong is that bond between a human and a dog. I was really interested about all of that so I decided to study and I graduated from British College Of Canine Studies ‘Complete canine care’ courses and ‘Canine first aid’ courses with the highest evaluation and even ahead of the term. When I started to study it took me just a couple of days until I realized that I really want to continue and relate my life and profession with dogs. So here I am, presenting to you one of my biggest dreams that is becoming a reality right now- “Alice’s Boutique” handmade pet apparel and accessories. Made with a lot of love, paying the closest attention to the pets, in order for them to always feel comfortable, pleasant and warm while wearing my designs. “Alice’s Boutique” designs are created while giving 100% attention to the pets and their needs, that’s my most important goal. Because all pets deserve the best!

I will always be grateful to Alice that she appeared in my life and without even knowing it, helped me to realize who I want to be and what I can create. So of course there was absolutely no doubts what will be the name of my shop and who will be the face of my brand, of course it’s my dearest Alice.

Thank you Alice for being you and for coming into my life when I needed it most.