5 important reasons to dress up your dog!

A common question amongst many dog owners is: “Should I dress up my dog or not?”

While many people consider that pet clothing is unnecessary, actually there are many beneficial and important reasons apart from fashion to explain why dog owners should definitely think about dressing up their best friend. Here are the main reasons why you should consider dressing up your dog:

Adverse weather conditions.

Weather is often harsh not just to us, humans, but also to our pets. Cold and extreme weather conditions can cause negative effects on the health of our dogs. Cold weather is especially dangerous when a dog is very young (a puppy), old, sickly, has little body fat, or is short-haired. These types of dogs definitely need to be clothed with a warm coat. Furthermore, such clothing as jumpers or hoodies are ideal for hairless cats as well, who often feel cold due to the lack of hair. Clothing suggestions for adverse weather conditions: Jackets, Sweater “Softness”, Hoodies

Health benefits.

Outdoors has a lot of potential irritants. Exposure to sun (especially in the summer) can cause sunburns if the dog is not wearing any clothing layer. To protect your dog from sunburns you should use shirts or bodysuits to cover your dog’s skin from sun exposure, look for items made with light and breathable fabric to help keep your dog as cool as possible. However, sunlight isn’t the only thing you need to guard your pet’s skin against. Clothing also prevents bugs, burrs, dirt, allergens, and other natural debris from getting into your dog’s fur, because when a dog has a piece of clothing on, a barrier is established preventing contact with such allergens and irritants. Clothing suggestions: Hoodie “Mountains” , Hoodie “Clouds”

Visibility during walks.

This is essentially important for all dog owners. Especially the ones who like to let their dogs off-leash, go to picnics, hikes, walks during the night or any other activities that involve the dog being off-leash. Many dogs have colors that easily blend into the surroundings making their disappearance imminent. However, with colorful clothing they will rarely be out of sight and finding them when they do is easy. Bright colors and reflective materials are always best to increase visibility.  Clothing suggestions for great visibility during walks: Hoodie “Jungle”, Jacket “Sailor”, Jacket “Fashionista”


Dressing up your pet during walks will make bathing and grooming so much easier and will help to keep your house clean as well. The majority of dog clothing items cover the dog’s back, chest, belly and a part of front legs, which means that nearly all the body is being covered and the only parts to clean after a walk are just paws. The result is that the dog stays clean longer than it usually would, you don’t need to bathe and groom the dog so often and your house stays cleaner as well. It is easier to wash the dog’s clothing than to bathe an actual dog! The most covering garments: Raincoat “Charming Rain”, Jackets

Expressing your dog’s unique personality.

No matter the reason your dog wears clothes, you should always have fun with it! Your pet may have a say in what’s comfortable, but colors and designs are all up to you! This is your chance to show the world how elegant, lovely, vivacious or serious your dog is. Clothing suggestions from our shop: Catalogue

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