“Alice’s Boutique” is pet clothing and accessories shop. Our most important goal is that pets wearing our designs would feel comfortable and pleasant. We pay close attention while choosing our fabrics, in “Alice’s Boutique” you won’t find any garment which would be made out of bad quality or coarse fabrics. All our fabrics are chosen with love while paying close attention to the pet’s needs. Because all pets deserve the best! Just think about it, if not them who would wake you up every morning to take a fresh walk? Who would wait every evening by the door with the tail wagging and so excited? Who would cheer you up on a hurry, suddenly stealing your socks and making you run around the house trying to find them? Sometimes these little things seems unimportant, but happiness actually is all these simple happy moments for which in many cases we should be grateful to our pets. So I will suggest to all the pet owners around the world to spoil your beloved pets a little bit by getting them a new, beautiful and unique purchase from our shop.

“Alice’s Boutique” sells and promotes the purchase of a high quality and sustainable products only.

With love, Urte  and Alice.